Radical Love

We often think Holy Week starts on Maundy Thursday as that’s when our official holiday from work starts. But the Holy Week celebration actually starts tomorrow with Palm Sunday. The day marking the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. What incredible significance the events of this week have on us as Christians. Our whole faith essentially hangs on the one event we celebrate Easter Sunday, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The one event where everything changed. We’re going to be talking about it and celebrating it over the next two Sundays at Quest. A great opportunity to invite a friend.

What do people think we do at church?

No telling what people think Christians do at church.  I can only speak for Quest to know that this month we’re talking about 4 Things that God uses to grow our church.  The first week we talked about the importance to Connect with others through community — especially LifeGroups.  Today we talked about how important it is to be reminded of the awesome things God has done for us to be even more motivated to Invest & Invite. You can check out all 4 Things and get a sneak preview by visiting the 4 Things Page on our website.

4 things

God has certainly blessed our efforts over the years as we have launched Quest.  We’re seeing the dream realized of creating a church that even people who normally wouldn’t like church, love to attend.  Starting this Sunday we’re going to talk about 4 ways that you can connect personally with the mission and vision at Quest.  It’s 4 Things that God will use to help your faith grow.

Bring your friends this Sunday.  We’ll be having the same incredible music and children’s environments.