What if God sent you a text message?

Most of us stay pretty close to our cellphones, waiting for that familiar “ding” and checking who the message is from. It’s often not urgent or important, but our cellphones have a certain ‘pull’ to us. What if God sent you a text message?  What would it say?  He has sent you a text message — the Bible.

Starting this Sunday, January 15th is our video series by Andy Stanley called “Text”.  It’s the incredible story of the Bible– the message that God has sent to us.  Join us Sundays in January at 10:45am and bring a friend.

First Sunday of 2012

Today was an exciting day in the life of Quest.  It’s our 5th location in the last 7 years.  We’re excited about the empty seats, knowing it’s our opportunity to fill those with the friends and family members we invite.  You don’t have to invite everybody, but ask God who is the one he’d want you invite in the next 30 days.

It’s been exciting to see the environments taking shape at our new location at USP.  You’ll see developments over the next month or so as we continue to finish last minute details.

We start our series “Text” on January 15th for three weeks.  It’s a powerful video series from Andy Stanley on the importance of making God’s Word a part of our day to day life. Join us next Sunday and bring a friend.