“Wishes” starts this Sunday

This Sunday we start a new two part series called “Wishes”.  Ever since childhood we can remember about wishes we have had for our lives, for our future, what we want to do in life.  Then as parents we have wishes for our children.  But what are the things God wishes for us?  Wouldn’t it be great if our wishes and his wishes somehow were the same?  Join us this Sunday for our new series to find out some of the things that God wishes for us.  Great opportunity to bring a friend to Quest.

Radical Love

We often think Holy Week starts on Maundy Thursday as that’s when our official holiday from work starts. But the Holy Week celebration actually starts tomorrow with Palm Sunday. The day marking the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. What incredible significance the events of this week have on us as Christians. Our whole faith essentially hangs on the one event we celebrate Easter Sunday, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The one event where everything changed. We’re going to be talking about it and celebrating it over the next two Sundays at Quest. A great opportunity to invite a friend.

What do people think we do at church?

No telling what people think Christians do at church.  I can only speak for Quest to know that this month we’re talking about 4 Things that God uses to grow our church.  The first week we talked about the importance to Connect with others through community — especially LifeGroups.  Today we talked about how important it is to be reminded of the awesome things God has done for us to be even more motivated to Invest & Invite. You can check out all 4 Things and get a sneak preview by visiting the 4 Things Page on our website.

4 things

God has certainly blessed our efforts over the years as we have launched Quest.  We’re seeing the dream realized of creating a church that even people who normally wouldn’t like church, love to attend.  Starting this Sunday we’re going to talk about 4 ways that you can connect personally with the mission and vision at Quest.  It’s 4 Things that God will use to help your faith grow.

Bring your friends this Sunday.  We’ll be having the same incredible music and children’s environments.

Preparation goes further than promises

Great ending to our series today on “The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating”.  All the things we talked about the last four weeks were wrapped around our desire (and God’s) for you to have healthy, successul, meaningful relationships.  In the next day or so the series will be on our website for you to listen to as well as the additional tools we talked about to give you even further guidance at questcebu.com/fightclub.

It’s been exciting to see the crowd grow each week and the excitement around our move to our new location at USP just a couple of months ago.  Thanks for all of our incredible staff and volunteers that make Quest an awesome place to invite our friends.

“The Talk” this Sunday at Quest

We started our series Love, Sex & Dating two weeks ago.  The first week we talked about Love.  Last week we skipped ahead and talked about how men should view and treat women, especially in terms of dating.  Well this week we talk about Sex.  It’s amazing how there’s so much for us to learn from in the pages of scripture.  Bring a friend this Sunday it’s going to be great.

Are you who the person you’re looking for is looking for?


Sunday was a great kickoff to our new series called “The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating”.  If you missed it, the message is on our website or you can get a copy at :connections this Sunday.  Let’s all start changing our focus on who we need to become rather than spending all our time & energies searching for the right person.  Paul gives us a list in 1 Corinthians about what that should all look like.  See you this weekend.  Don’t forget our service this week is on Saturday at 6:00pm.  There will be no service on Sunday.  So for all those people who tell you they can’t get up on Sunday morning, this is your time to get them to Quest!  Join us for part 2 of “The New Rules for Love, Sex and Dating.”

Talk about what? In church?!

We’ve gotten a bit of that reaction from some about our new series “The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating.”  Every February we typically talk about marriage but this year decided to speak to situations that singles face.  Lots of stuff to learn and we’re excited to have this opportunity.  Invite your friends Sundays in February for “The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating.”

Thankful for our volunteers!

Each week people walk into incredible environments at Quest.  We have great music, engaging children’s environments, and friendly people to welcome you at Guest Services.  But maybe you haven’t thought of what it takes to make all that happen.  We are so grateful for our talented staff and committed volunteer teams that make Quest happen week after week.  They are all committed to seeing our vision fulfilled — of creating a church that even people who wouldn’t normally like church, would love to attend.  You could be a part of one of our incredible volunteer teams by getting information in the lobby this Sunday.


That’s the sound we hear so many times every day from our cellphones. We are drawn to check and see who the text is from.  Well God has sent us all a text message too.  It’s the Bible.

As we start the new year let’s all be encouraged to read God’s Word.  It has a message that is relevant for us today, whatever situation we’re facing.  Here’s a copy of the passages to read for this week, to get us all used to making this a habit in our lives.